VIII Annual Encounter – July 2015

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Our 8th annual encounter with Mestre Jogo de Dentro was once again a great opportunity for learning, practicing doing and just being. The event started with some classes for the group and a nice opening roda at our center in Haifa         for the weekend we camped out at the olive vineyard of Ein Hod for some classes and roda, finishing with a hot samba de roda at the village’s [...]

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upcoming event of Mestre Jogo de Dentro – SEMEANDO 2015-2016

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once in two years Mestre Jogo de Dentro and the capoeira group semente do jogo de angola organize this enriching opportunity for capoeira Angola admirers to delve dipper into the fascinating Afro-Brazilian culture Bahia. As always the Mestre planned the event in some locations in order to give a more global view about capoeira and Bahian culture in general. This time the event [...]

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new exhibition opening night

פלאייר קרקע פוריה

After a very successful exhibition at the Kartel Haifa, our very own Mikhal Bellahsen will present her work in Tel-Aviv. Mikhal, illustrator and graphic designer (Shenkar graduate), took traditional capoeira songs as the theme for her work, with a fountain of inspiration in literatura de cordel. (pamamphlets containing folk novels, poems and songs, which are produced and sold in fairs and by sidestreet vendors in [...]

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