VIII Annual Encounter – July 2015

Our 8th annual encounter with Mestre Jogo de Dentro was once again a great opportunity for learning, practicing doing and just being.

The event started with some classes for the group and a nice opening roda at our center in Haifa

aula casa1   aula casa2

aula casa3    roda1



for the weekend we camped out at the olive vineyard of Ein Hod for some classes and roda, finishing with a hot samba de roda at the village’s center

kerem   roda ein hod

roda ein ho   DCIM100GOPROG0030034.

DCIM100GOPROG0030036.   DCIM100GOPROG0030038.

roda ein hod4   roda ein hod5

samba ein hod   samba ein hod1samba ein hod2

the second week the mestre gave open workshops at Haifa and Tel Aviv, with a nice music class and samba de roda at Beit Haamudim, a fine Jazz bar in TLV.

hagefen1    hagefen2

hagefen3   amudim1

amudim2   amudim3

amudim4  IMG_5663

IMG_5665   IMG_5669

DSC03343   DSC03354

DSC03364   DSC03372

DSC03384   DSC03398DSC03413   DSC03429DSC03433   DSC03439DSC03444   DSC03457DSC03458  DSC03467 IMG_5677  IMG_5680  2tlv  IMG_5702  IMG_5703  IMG_5706IMG_5711   IMG_5720IMG_5724   IMG_5736    IMG_5738IMG_5750   IMG_5752IMG_5770   IMG_5787IMG_5798   IMG_5814IMG_5822   IMG_5826IMG_5828

for the grand finale we hosted a big and festive closing roda and party at our capoeira Angola center in Haifa. thanks Guil Ras, Easyrider and Mylord sound for the VIBE.

roda ence  roda final2  roda final3  910  1214  1516  1718  1920  2122  2324   IMG_5897IMG_5898   IMG_5902 WP_20150712_00_09_32_Pro  WP_20150712_00_09_43_ProIMG_5905a

we would like to thank first and foremost Mestre Jogo de Dentro for his teachings and energy and giving us the reason to spend this good time together.

we would also like to thank the guests and friends who joined us in classes, rodas and samba to celebrate this special occasion.
special thanks to Ins Tom grupo Capoeira Brasil, Prof Patrick grupo Muzenza,
Magoo Abada capoeira, prof Modelo Cordao de ouro, prof Negoboy aye capoeira.

till next year!