Candomblé exhibition, April 2016

CANDOMBLÉ invitation some moments from the exhibition Candomblé, organized by the Israeli chapter of the capoeira group Semente do Jogo de Angola. as M Jogo de Dentro always encourages us to dive dipper into Afro-Brazilian culture, the event was held as part of our learning journey, this time with a focus on the Afro-Brazilian religion – Candomblé. among [...]

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VIII Annual Encounter – July 2015

T-shirt 8 web

Our 8th annual encounter with Mestre Jogo de Dentro was once again a great opportunity for learning, practicing doing and just being. The event started with some classes for the group and a nice opening roda at our center in Haifa         for the weekend we camped out at the olive vineyard of Ein Hod for some classes and roda, finishing with a hot samba de roda at the village’s [...]

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