Iê galo cantou – Art Exhibition

apart from our main activities revolving capoeira, we also conduct cultural events from all sorts.
this time we have chosen to have a Group Art exhibition,with Capoeira lyrics as its theme.

from all of the Capoeira’s components, one might say that music is the soul of the art
it is the music that connects the practitioners to a common experience out of the ordinary.
with the songs, the character of each moment born in the Roda, is amplified.

each artist has chosen a song as a referenceand the paintings were made on Cabaças, and recycled wooden boards.
opening night tooke place at the Capoeira Angola center, on 3/12/2011
we celebrated with a trditional capoeira angola roda, samba de roda
and a live show from our freinds 3421 & Easy rider sound.
all revenue was dedicated to the promotion of Capoeira Angola in Israel

here are some works from the exhibition :


the Green Room

cobra assanhada


cobra assanhada by Canario

a onca morreu

a onca morreu by Yota

a bananeira caiu

a bananeira caiu by sereia

dona maria do cambuata

Dona Maria do Cambuata by Alma viva


xo xo meu canario by Daniel

e santo amaro

e’ Santo Amaro by Maayan

na beira do mar

na beira do mar by Gome


anum nao canta em gaiola by Mikhal