upcoming event of Mestre Jogo de Dentro – SEMEANDO 2015-2016

once in two years Mestre Jogo de Dentro and the capoeira group semente do jogo de angola organize this enriching opportunity for capoeira Angola admirers to delve dipper into the fascinating Afro-Brazilian culture Bahia. As always the Mestre planned the event in some locations in order to give a more global view about capoeira and Bahian culture in general.
This time the event will start in Salvador with a special roda in honor of Mestre Joao Pequeno, continue in the birthplace of Mestre Jogo de Dentro – Alagoinhas in the sertao of Bahia and finish the event in his current space at Cacha Pergos of Itaparica island.

the event is open to all.

for more information on registration and a complete program of the event check

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