Shalom and Greetings

The month of November is an important month in the “capoeristic” calender, in which 3 important dates relating to three key figures in the Afro Brazilian culture.

November 13th 1981 was the day Mestre pastinha passed away, one of the most important masters of his time and perhaps the most influential figure in the evolvement of capoeira Angola as we know it today. He dedicated all his life to the art he loved, and in 1941 established the first capoeira Angola school in Bahia. He also recorded one of the first musical albums of capoeira and wrote a book about it. as a friend of several famous people from the cultural world of Bahia he helped to promote and spread the art he loved.

In the 20th of November 1695 Zumbi dos Palmares was captured and executed. he was the legendary leader of Quilombo dos Palmares, the biggest fugitive community in colonial Brazil, which stood for almost 80 years and had around 20.000 inhabitants. although there aren’t any evidence of capoeira practiced in the Quilombo, Zumbi stayed in capoeira and Afro-Brazilian history as a symbol for Resistance to slavery and oppression, from which capoeira had grew and evolved.

23rd of November 1899 was the birth date of Manuel dos Reis Machado, also known as Mestre Bimba, the creator of capoeira regional. Bimba incorporated attacks from the Batuque, another Afro-Brazilian dance fight in which his father was a champion, into the capoeira he learned and removed some of the ritualistic aspects of the art in favor of creating a more efficient martial art, in which he was known as a great fighter at his time. he opened the first capoeira school in 1932 and helped in changing the public’s view about capoeira.

On this Wednesday, 13/11/2013 18:00, we will commemorate Mestre Pasthinha’s legacy with a screening of the movie about his life “Uma vida pela Capoeira” (with hebrew subtitles!) and a special roda in his memory.

on the weekend of the 22-23 of November we will commemorate the black conscience day of Brazil (November 20th) with some special activities in our capoeira Angola center in Haifa.
Friday 22nd
9:00 – open class of capoeira angola, first timers are very welcomed!
12:00 – vegeterian, home cooked lunch.
13:00 – screening of some elected moveis about brazil’s History
Saturday 23rd
18:00-roda de capoeira Angola
21:00- samba de roda